Books I read

The kinds of books that I have read recently are books about God, Horror, and Action. When I was younger I had more time to read but now I have less time to read.


When I was younger I was in a soccer but I was never good at it. So now I like basketball and cross country but I don't play any sport any more. I surf, snowboard, and ski but can't skateboard for some reason.


I like to play action games on my ps4, xbox one and Imac. I rarely play mobile games.


I like playing the electric gutiar. I can play a little bit of the piano. In 3rd grade I learned how to play gutiar then stopped taking lessons in 6th grade. I also learned a little bit of piano in 6th grade during school for music class


I listen to rap,metal and rock. I try an listen to pop sometimes. When I was smaller in the USA I listened to POP only. Then once I got older my friends got me into rap and my father got me into metal and rock then I stopped listening to any POP.


I watch action, adventure, scifi, mystery and horror movies. My favorite movie is one of the Star Wars Movies. My first R movie was 7th Grade the day after my birthday and I watched the Blade Runner 2049.